Commercial and Industrial Energy Audits and Consulting Services

This service is made available through Tri-State Generation and Transmission or WAPA upon request.

Home Energy Audits

Visit residential buildings and talk to owners and residents. Inspect, test, and measure to decide what energy-efficient retrofits are practical and cost-effective. Get more information about Home Energy Audits

Home Surge Protection - Consulting

Provide EFI PowerTracker Surge Protective Device for home and office applications. Surges often enter and damage equipment through phone, cable TV, TV antenna, and data communication lines. To properly protect your connected equipment, install EFI surge suppression products on all incoming lines. 6000 series - connected equipment warranty $2,500; 7000 series - connected equipment warranty $10,000; 8000 series - connected equipment warranty $25,000.

Photovoltaic for Homes, Stockwells and other Applications

Photovoltaic (PV) is providing a source of electric current under the influence of light or similar radiation. PV modules convert light from the sun into electricity. Get more information about Photovoltaic