Energy Efficiency Credit Program

2022 Program

Energy-Efficient Heat Pumps and Resistive Heat Equipment Rebates

All air-source heat pump incentives are based on the total “size” of the heat pump system’s outdoor unit or (in some case) units, specifically the outdoor unit coil capacity in tons; while the indoor unit(s) impact the system efficiency ratings, indoor exchange unit capacities are not to be included in the total system size on the rebate application.  One ton is defined as 12,000 BTUs for this purpose.

  • Note:  Rebates must be requested within 90 days of installation.
  • Attachments – receipts (including breakout of equipment and labor); AHRI Certificate required


Heat Pumps – Tri-State’s Contribution                                        Heat Pumps – Northwest Rural’s Contribution


Electric Heat Pump – Air Source                                                                                        


  • Tier 1 – Standard Air Source Heat Pump                                                
    • Required HSPF >= 9.0 and SEER >= 15                             
    • <= 2 tons = $675 (not to exceed 50% equipment cost)         
    • > 2 tons = $1,800 (not to exceed 50% equipment cost)
  • Tier 2 – Cold –Climate Certified
    • HSPF >= 10.0 and SEER >= 16; variable speed compressor or a minimum of 3 stages (setting for fan speed)
    • <= 2 tons = $1,000 (not to exceed 50% equipment cost)
    • > 2 tons = $2,400 (not exceed 50% equipment cost)
  • $450 / ton for air-to-water heat pump units with EER greater than or equal to 19 and COP greater than or equal to 4 (not to exceed 50% equipment cost)
  • $100 / unit additional incentive for central air source with integrated controlled ETS backup in lieu of a separate ETS incentive
  • EnergyStar rating NOT required                                                             Northwest Rural PPD rebate Electric Heat 
                                                                                                                    Pump –Air Source regardless of SEER rating      

                                                                                                                             $150.00 / Ton*

* when - conversion from any fuel source other than electric, and new heat pump as part of a new build                                    


Electric Heat Pump - Ground Source                                                


  • $500 per ton for new systems
  • $250 per ton for replacement systems
  • $100 per unit for ground source heat pump powered hot water (a.k.a. desuper heater)

                                                                                Northwest Rural rebate Electric Heat Pump –
Ground Source
$150.00 / Ton* 
* when - conversion from any fuel source other than electric, and new heat pump as part of a new build                                                               


Electric Thermal Storage (ETS) and Thermal Slab Units

Controlled Off-Peak Heating Electric Units                                                       Controlled Electric Units 
Product Requirements:  Units must be controlled by timers or a master control system.  Minimum qualifying load for ETS is 1 kW.


Controlled Off-Peak ETS units / timers   $16/kW                   ETS units / timers                                    $4kW                    $20/kW

Thermal Slabs (heated floor/timers)          $12/kW                 Thermal Slabs (heated floor/timers)        $4/kW                   $16/kW

                                                                   Uncontrolled Electric Units                                                  Total

                                                                Resistive                                                  $8/kW                   $8/kW
                                                                                ETS                                                         $12/kW                 $12/kW


                                                                                             Air Source Heat Pump Quality Install

Installers must complete training and complete required application to qualify for incentives. Contact Tri-State to enroll interested contractors.

  • Attachments – completed forms should be attached to the heat pump application form.
  • Multiple units installed at one account are subject to a limit of one (1) installer incentive.
  • Installer application spreadsheet is available on the MIC


  • $250 per installation for installers