Automated Meter Reading

The Automated Metering Infrastructure (AMI) system is proving to be a great tool for outage management, meter reading, and voltage information leading to enhanced customer service.  The new meters deployed have improved billing accuracy by eliminating misreads or inaccurate readings while providing a higher level of service reliability. 

These automated meters enable Northwest Rural to perform several functions remotely, such as reading meters, voltage level monitoring and outage verification.

The meters will not affect Northwest’s kilowatt hour rate.  The district recognizes that labor and cost-savings from the program have allowed the investment to be recouped.  Other benefits from the meters include: Faster response times to outages, more efficient power distribution helping us keep costs down for customers, improved power quality, more accurate information about outages and restoration times.

Northwest Rural Public Power District is a not-for-profit utility, looking out for its customers by investing in new technology to improve efficiency and reliability.