Energy Efficiency Credit Program
2022 Program
Pole Mounted Lighting (LED)


Applies to new LED fixtures

  • Minimum Lumens as stated in table,
  • Lighting directly attached to buildings, signs, parking garages, or off-street pedestrian lighting, bollards or lamps less than 2,100 lumen output do not qualify as Pole Mounted Lighting.
  • Screw-in LED lamps and LED retrofit kits do not qualify as Pole Mounted Lighting.
  • Attachments- itemized receipt with product model number or specification sheet including lumen output.
  • Incentive only applies to the permanent installation of a new LED head that is purchased by the consumer.
  • Retrofit kits for existing heads do not qualify.
  • Note: Rebate must be requested within 90 days of installation​​​​​​​


The incentive will be the lower of:

  • The sum of the per-fixture values from the table below OR
  • 25% of the material cost for each new head
  • $20,000 per project applies only to Pole Mounted Lighting Category
Minimum Lumens Incentive per Head
29,000 $475
13,000 $200
7,000 $130
5,000 $80
3,000 $55
2,100 $44