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Water Heater Rebates

2020 Energy Efficiency Credit Program:

Northwest Rural Public Power District and Tri-State G&T Association, our power supplier, offer rebates through our Energy Efficiency Credit Program to our customers who install energy-efficient water heating equipment.  Rebates must be requested within 120 days of installation.

Water Heater Rebates:

Credit applies to new or replacement units that are purchased by, or leased to, the consumer.

Water Heater – Tri-State's Contribution

  • Basic Unit -  30-55 gallon resistance water heaters: $30 / unit
    • Lifetime tank warranty, 30 gallon to 55 gallon only: $50 / unit
  • ​Ground source heat pump desuperheater - Primary heating by direct exchanger: $100 / unit
    • Lifetime tank warranty: $25 / unit additional
  • ​Heat Pump Water Heater (air to water and may have back-up resistance element) Residential units must be Energy Star rated - 30 gallon minimum: $350 / unit

 *Note: No incentive will be paid for a unit serving as backup for another source such as solar water heating.

Water Heater – Northwest Rural's Contribution

  • Basic Unit - 30 - 55 gallon resistance water heater: $20 / unit
  • Ground source or heat pump water Heater: $20 / unit

Rebates must be requested within 120 days of installation.

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