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Electric Motor Rebates

2020 Energy Efficiency Credit Program:

Northwest Rural Public Power District and Tri-State G&T Association, our power supplier, offer rebates through our Energy Efficiency Credit Program to our customers who install energy-efficient electric motors.  Rebates must be requested within 120 days of installation.

Irrigation Motors – Tri-State's Contribution

  • Premium Efficiency Motor, (10 to 500) hp: $8/hp
  • Wiring Assistance: $1.50/hp
    *Note: Assistance if the motor replaces a fossil-fueled engine, or is a new installation

Irrigation Motors – Northwest Rural's Contribution 

  • Premium Efficiency Motor, (10 to 500 hp):  $2/hp

Applies to the installation of a new motor with a minimum of 10 horsepower, which is to operate at a minimum of 15% load factor or for a minimum of three months each year. Motors less than 10 horsepower qualify if the aggregate for a single application which requires all motors to operate, is at least 10 horsepower.

  • Payment requires a copy of the invoice or bill of sale.
  • Note: Motors taken from customer's stock qualify as follows:
    • If the invoice is less than 120 days old, motor qualifies for the appropriate efficiency payment.
    • Customer must certify that the motor is new and neither re-wound or moved from another location .
  • Note: Rebates must be requested within 120 days of installation
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